Personal Loans

Personal loans can be a great way to borrow. If you are looking to refinance expensive credit card debt, you can often find a much lower interest rate. If you are looking to borrow cash, there is no better way. We have searched the market, and have found these providers. Our list will continue to expand.

Customize your personal loan offers:

My credit score is excellent and I need a loan of $5,000.

I have a: college degree

Other Bank Loans

Banks don't like loans, because they make less money than credit cards. But, some banks do offer loans. And, when they do, they make it a bit difficult to get them. Here are the phone numbers:

Citibank 1 (800) 374-9200
Wells Fargo 1 (888) 667-5250
PNC Bank 1 (888) 762-2265
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