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3.5/5.0(Based on 6 Reviews )

Dollar Savings Account From DollarSavingsDirect -Magnifymoney Review rating card
Rated 3.5/5 based on 6 customer reviews
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Dollar Savings Account From DollarSavingsDirect - by Carey Allen, Jul 16, 2017
5/ 5stars
This is part of Emigrant Direct which I have used as an online bank for over 5 years. This has a higher savings rate so I am switching to this. This being an online bank you need to hook it to your regular checking account and put money you don't need for the next 3 days in this account. It is a good place for emergency funds, savings for a car, etc...
Dollar Savings Account From DollarSavingsDirect - by William, Aug 15, 2017
4.8/ 5stars
It was a little more complex to open and fund the account than a couple of others I used but wow, what a rate. It was worth the little bit of extra effort.
Dollar Savings Account From DollarSavingsDirect - by Randy Holbrook, Sep 19, 2017
1/ 5stars
I tried to open an account and was denied because on my application I used my full name-first, middle, and last. My funding account was listed under my middle name since this is the name I have used my whole life. I called them hoping to clear up the problem and was told I would have to get a letter from my bank sent to them saying that I was who I said I was and send them a copy of my driver's license...While I can appreciate their diligence in vetting, I was very disappointed in the lack of customer service in fixing the problem.
Dollar Savings Account From DollarSavingsDirect - by Louise Elliott, Oct 7, 2017
5/ 5stars
I was an account owner several years ago, but I just came back. At 1.40%, they definitely got my attention. I phoned to see if I could reopen my old account. The man I spoke to was more than helpful. All of my info was still in the system, so only a few lines to complete, and I was done! Nothing but the BEST of experiences with Dollar Savings! Happy to be back!
Dollar Savings Account From DollarSavingsDirect - by Richard, Dec 1, 2017
4.5/ 5stars
I have had my account with this bank for a while but had closed it due to the rate years ago. Reopened was no problem. Only thing I hate is you are limited to 2 external transfer banks and you have to mail in a cancelled check vs. verifying test deposits like the other banks but hey 1.50% isn't bad!
Dollar Savings Account From DollarSavingsDirect - by John, Feb 18, 2018
1/ 5stars
Couldn't find any usable information online about the account before applying. One thing I found is that the 1.6% interest is "variable" which I assume means you won't get it unless you jump through a lot of hoops (I'll never know for sure since they made it impossible to get that information without going through their application process). Anyone who doesn't want to disclose all the information up front is probably trying to cheat you.

Dollar Savings Account from DollarSavingsDirect

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