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2.47/5.0(Based on 3 Reviews )

EOne SavingsTM From Salem Fivedirect -Magnifymoney Review rating card
Rated 2.47/5 based on 3 customer reviews
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EOne SavingsTM From Salem Fivedirect - by Joseph, Feb 2, 2017
1.7/ 5stars
Be careful, although a good rate, it is only for the specified time. Also be warned, there is a $3 fee for every ACH movement of money out of the account -- something I have never experienced before.
EOne SavingsTM From Salem Fivedirect - by EG, Jun 14, 2017
1.9/ 5stars
Great rate. At the time I joined it was the best, but the $3 fee for every transfer out is buried pretty deeply in the paperwork and is insanely high in this day and age.
EOne SavingsTM From Salem Fivedirect - by Nicole, Jul 19, 2017
3.8/ 5stars
Great rate with a guarantee for a year at the time I opened. Was easy to open the account online and move money in. Very helpful customer service. There is a $3 fee to push money out to another financial institution but if you initiate the transfer from the other bank, Salem Five doesn't charge a fee so no big deal.

EOne SavingsTM From Salem Fivedirect

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