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What Is an Emergency Fund and How Can You Start One?
Difficult and expensive life situations can come out of left field. And because we can’t predict what those will be, we have to prepare for anything. The best way to do that is by having an emergency fund to cover unexpected life events, like losing your salary after a layoff ... Read More
August 2, 2022
Best Checking Accounts in August 2022
The best checking accounts have low fees, wide ATM availability and great digital experiences. MagnifyMoney, an independent service that reviews bank accounts and other financial products, compiled a list of the best available checking accounts for these and other features that matter most to customers. Using our distinct methodology, our ... Read More
August 1, 2022
Best High-Yield Online Savings Accounts in August 2022
Some savings accounts are designed to provide the best possible interest rates on the balance. These high-yield savings accounts are often featured by online-only banks and credit unions, which may have fewer physical branch locations and banking services than traditional banks. Why trust us: MagnifyMoney is a free service providing ... Read More
August 1, 2022