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How Can Two People Invest in Stocks Together? Joint Brokerage Accounts
If youer ready to team-up to meet your investing goals, you should know about joint brokerage accounts and how they work. Get the scoop and get a smart start to investing together. ... Continue Reading
August 7, 2022
How Fund Expense Ratios Can Impact Your Returns
An expense ratio is the ongoing fee you pay to invest in a mutual fund, index fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF). Like with any fee, a fund’s expense ratio reduces your existing assets. The expense ratio is automatically deducted, rather than charged in an end-of-the-year bill. If you don’t pay ... Continue Reading
January 6, 2021
How Mutual Funds Work
Nearly half of all American households own at least one mutual fund, according to 2017 estimates by Investment Company Institute, and mutual funds represent 67% of 401(k) plan assets. If you participate in an employer-sponsored retirement plan, you may be investing in mutual funds with each paycheck. But for something ... Continue Reading
January 9, 2019