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EveryDollar Plus and EveryDollar App Review
EveryDollar is the budget app created by personal finance guru Dave Ramsey. No matter if you agree with all of Mr. Ramsey’s financial advice or not, his “Total Money Makeover” program has helped scores of families get out of debt and gain control of their money. ... Continue Reading
August 30, 2022
View Your Free FICO Score for all 3 Credit Bureaus
There are lots of free credit scores floating around, but most of them are not the true FICO® score that lenders subscribe to and use as part of their decision. However FICO® is working to change that by allowing banks and credit unions to give you free ongoing access to ... Continue Reading
October 1, 2021
Americans with Holiday Debt Added $986 on Average
Each year MagnifyMoney asks consumers how much debt they racked up over the holiday season. See historical results here: 2017 2016 2015 -- The holidays over, and we are back to work. But for many of us, the holidays linger in fresh debt that paid for holiday gifts and celebrations, ... Continue Reading
January 9, 2015