How to Earn and Receive Cashback with Discover

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Updated on Thursday, January 2, 2020

How to Earn and Receive Cashback with Discover

Discover has a wide range of credit card options, including student cards, travel cards, secured cards, and cashback cards. When it comes to its cashback card, Discover offers some special features for cardholders looking to cash in on rewards.

For starters, the Discover it® Cash Back lets you earn 5% cash back in select, rotating categories up to the quarterly maximum, and 1% unlimited cash back automatically on all other purchases. The 5% is limited to $1500 spending per quarter, 1% after that. Activation is required. Cardholders can also redeem their cash back at any time.

If you have the Discover it® Cash Back card in your wallet, the Discover webiste is the one-stop shop for managing your credit card and checking on your cash back and redeeming it.

In this article, we’ll touch on:

  • How to earn cash back with your Discover it® card
  • Navigating the portal
  • How to redeem your cash back

How to Earn Cash Back with Discover

It’s easy to earn cash back with your Discover it® Cash Back, which can make it a top contender when choosing which card you’ll use to make everyday purchases.

In order to take advantage of the 5% cashback offer year-round, you’ll need to spend in certain rotating categories throughout the year.

  • January – March 2020Grocery stores, Walgreens and CVS
  • April – June 2020 – New! The Home Depot (June), Gas stations, Uber, Lyft and Wholesale Clubs
  • July – September 2020 – Restaurants and PayPal
  • October – December 2020 –,, and
With Discover’s 5% cash back, there’s a spending cap of $1,500 each quarter, meaning you can earn a maximum of $75 in cash back each quarter or $300 per year. Activation is required. However, you can also earn 1% unlimited cash back automatically on all other purchases, and there’s no cap on how much you can spend or how much cash back you can receive, so if you want to maximize cashback rewards, you could possibly earn more than $300 per year.

Don’t Forget …

Discover cardholders have to “opt in” each quarter to start receiving 5% cash back when spending in the rotating spending categories. This is important to remember and easy to do by simply following the prompts in Discover’s reminder email or logging on to your account.

Cash back also doesn’t expire as long as your account is in good standing, so you can stack up your rewards over time if you forget.

New customers may receive special offers like cashback matching, which is when Discover it® matches all the cash back you earn dollar for dollar at the end of your first year. The double cash back will be applied to your account balance after the end of the twelfth billing cycle.

How to Access Cash Back Rewards

When you start earning cash back with your Discover it® card, you can check your available Cashback Bonus right on Discover’s online portal, which is called the Account Center.

Go to and type in your login information. Make sure the drop-down menu below the password field says “credit card” so you can access your online account for your Discover it credit card.

discover cash back 1

After you log in, you should see a screen similar to the one shown below. Below you can see the Cashback Bonus available is clearly displayed on this first page along with information about the current quarter’s spending categories and a link to the Cashback Bonus calendar, which provides more information about each 5% cashback spending category.

discover cash back 2

You can click on the button underneath your cashback rewards summary to see a more detailed page, which should look similar to the one below.

Here, you can learn more about earning cash back and redeeming your Cashback Bonus.

discover cash back 3

Options for Redemption

Discover it® cardholders can redeem their Cashback Bonus at any time, and you have a variety of options to choose from.

  • Statement credit
  • purchases
  • Gift cards and eCertificates
  • Donation
  • Cash deposit to your bank account

Transferring cash back to your bank

To redeem your cashback rewards for cash, you’ll have to click on the “Redeem For Cash” button after scrolling down to view your redemption options for your credit card account on Discover’s Account Center portal.

When you see a screen similar to the one shown below, enter the amount of cash back you’d like to redeem and click the option that says “Direct deposit to your bank account” if you want to receive the cash instead of applying it to your credit card balance.

Your checking account that you use to pay your credit card bill each month should already be connected to your Discover it®.

account, so you can select it from the drop-down menu below. For the time being, Discover, won’t let you add another account to transfer your Cashback Bonus to.

discover cash bank 7

When you’ve selected the amount you’d like to redeem and the account you’d like to transfer it to, click “Continue” and approve and confirm the transaction.

After you redeem your Cashback Bonus, the time it takes to receive your reward can vary based on the redemption method you chose.

  • Partner gift cards will be mailed to your billing address within 10 business days
  • Electronic deposits will appear in your bank account within 72 hours
  • Account credits will post to your account within 2 business days

Final Word

The Discover it® Cash Back card is a great option for people who like to earn cashback, thanks to its 5% cashback rewardsand no annual fee, and it also provides a flexible range of redemption options.

Whether you want to apply your Cashback Bonus to your current balance, use it to shop online or at your favorite department store, or deposit the cash straight to your checking account so you can spend it however you please, you can do all of that and more.

The Account Center portal is also very user friendly and easy to navigate when trying to redeem cash back.