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Disclaimer: The Plenti program is no longer accepting new enrollments and will end service on July 10, 2018. On that date, any unredeemed Plenti points will expire.  You should use your Plenti points by July 10, 2018 and refer here for more information.

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American Express has launched a new rewards program called Plenti.

It works unlike any other reward program you’re familiar with today because it lets you earn points with several retailers, but you don’t need a credit card to earn them. Think of it like a grocery or drug store loyalty card that works at several different kinds of stores and businesses.

You can earn Plenti points it on top of the cash back or other rewards you’re already earning with credit cards.

Every 1,000 Plenti points is worth $10 or more you can use to save on any purchases at Exxon, Macy’s, Mobil, and Rite Aid. You just use your points at checkout by using your Plenti card or providing your phone number.

How do you earn Plenti points?

You can earn two primary ways:

  1. Automatically earning points by shopping or doing business with companies that participate in Plenti points. You’ll need to register and link accounts to start earning points at some of the businesses, and we’ll talk about that below. You don’t need a special credit card to earn points. Think of it like a frequent flyer card, where you provide the card number to earn points, but still use your credit card of choice or cash to pay for your purchases.
  2. Activating specific offers in advance. While you’ll always earn some Plenti points automatically when you shop at the participating stores, you can earn even more by registering for special deals online. These deals are like coupons that earn you extra points when you buy certain things. You can see these deals here once you sign up for Plenti, or download the app. Plenti wants members to be active, and so they will give you many more points for some purchases if you register for them in advance.


Who participates in Plenti points?

Currently, Plenti points are awarded when you spend money with AT&T, Exxon / Mobil, Macy’s, RiteAid, Nationwide Insurance, Direct Energy, and Hulu, as well as National, Alamo, and Enterprise car rental.

American Express is looking to add a large restaurant chain, grocery store chain, and either Home Depot or Lowe’s to the mix soon, according to Fortune. But it also says any competitor of the existing members won’t be part of the list. So for example Geico, BP, Verizon, Nordstrom, Netflix, CVS, or Walgreens won’t be part of this program.

How many Plenti points will you earn?

This is the ‘magic.’ What you earn will be constantly changing, with special deals and promotions to entice you to shop at the participating merchants. But generally you’ll earn at least one point per dollar you spend at each merchant.

For example, AT&T will offer you 1 point for every dollar you spend on your bill, while Macy’s will offer 100 points after you spend $80. There will also be promo offers like 200 points after your first Exxon / Mobil gas purchase or extra points when you buy certain products at RiteAid.

Where can you register for Plenti?

You can register for Plenti here.

Separately, you’ll want to link your Plenti rewards account with the rewards account at some of the participating stores.

Here are links to connect your Plenti account:

The rest of the Plenti partners don’t require you to link your account – you’ll earn the points automatically when you swipe your Plenti card or enter your card or phone number. Remember, your Plenti card is not a credit card – it’s just a loyalty card like you’re used to at your grocery or drug store, but that earns you some points.

Or put another way, it’s like the frequent flyer card you use with your airline. You don’t use that to pay for your tickets, but you always provide it to earn points.

Where can you use Plenti points?

You can use them to pay for part of your purchases at Exxon, Macy’s, Mobil, and Rite Aid whenever you check out. Just swipe your card, or input your card number or phone at the checkout and you can apply your points to pay for part of your purchase.

What are Plenti points worth?

Plenti points are worth at least one cent each. So 1,000 Plenti points will get you at least $10 worth of rewards at a Plenti merchant.

How can you redeem Plenti points?

You will be able to do some redemptions on the spot at participating merchants, and you will also have online options to redeem.

Do I need a credit card to use Plenti?

No, think of Plenti like a supermarket or drug store loyalty card that lets you earn points when you buy at several different kinds of stores and businesses.

You don’t need to use a special credit card to make your purchases count for rewards.

However, American Express has a Plenti rewards credit card, which lets you earn extra rewards when you use it to pay, and also lets you earn Plenti points when you shop at places that don’t yet offer Plenti points.

I already have a loyalty card with RiteAid or Macy’s. Will I need to carry another one?

No, you can still earn Plenti points when you use your existing RiteAid or Macy’s rewards cards at those stores.

You’ll need to register you account with Plenti to earn the points. You can register your RiteAid account here.

And you can register your Macy’s account here.

What happens to Rite Aid wellness + Rewards?

You’ll still earn wellness+ points to earn discounts of up to 20% off the whole store each year. That hasn’t changed.

But you can now earn Plenti points (these are kept separate), and these Plenti points can be used to pay for purchases you make at Rite Aid. 200 Plenti points = $2 in savings at the checkout counter at Rite Aid or some other Plenti partners.

So you still have the rewards program you’re used to, plus you now earn points you can use to pay for your Rite Aid purchases.

You need to separately register for wellness+ with Plenti to activate earning the extra Plenti points. And you can do that here.

Once you do that, you’ll see the number of Plenti points you earn and have on hand on your receipts when you check out.

Can you still earn airline miles and points?

Yes, Plenti points are completely separate from any rewards you earn with your existing credit cards. They are simply a way to double dip when you shop with certain companies.

But don’t expect you’ll be able to transfer Plenti points into airline or hotel points, as the goal of the program is to redeem with partners of the program. It is possible an airline or hotel program could be added to the list of participating merchants though.

In Canada, a similar program called Air Miles allows you to redeem for travel, though given the American Express Membership Rewards program’s focus on travel, don’t expect Plenti to offer broad travel rewards.

Can I combine these with Membership Rewards points?

Plenti is a completely separate points currency. But you can earn both Membership Rewards points and Plenti points by using a Membership Rewards based American Express card while shopping at a Plenti retailer, just scan your Plenti card alongside it.

Isn’t this a yogurt?

Yes, coincidentally, General Mills just launched a new yogurt this year called ‘Plenti.’ No word on whether there are any trademark disputes…but no relation to the American Express Plenti program.

Is it worth the hassle?

If you shop at Rite Aid or Macy’s a lot and use their rewards program already, then you should definitely register for Plenti and get even more savings. The Rite Aid offers can be lucrative – saving you even more than regular coupons.

For the gas stations, it’s probably not worth the hassle. You only earn one point for a gallon of gas, so you’ll save about ten cents on a typical fill up.

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