4 Things to Spend Money on That You Won’t Regret

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Updated on Friday, May 6, 2016


When it comes to money, we’re all for budgeting, but there are some things that a budget just can’t express. If for the most part you’re careful with your money, there are some things in life that are pretty much always worth spending on, within reason of course, because they’re sure to make you happy, give you memories of a lifetime or, in some cases, even help you enhance your career or keep you safe.

What are we talking about? Here are four examples of some things you could spend your money on that we’re pretty sure you won’t ever regret.

Item 1: Travel

Not everyone loves to travel, but if you do, then spending on trips every now and again is sure to broaden your horizons, open your mind, and return you to your regular workday feeling inspired and refreshed. If you’re pretty sure you’d love to travel, if only you could afford it, check out this piece about five smart ways to save on travel this year, this one on how to save enough to travel for three months (always best when combined with some other big change, like a move to a different state or starting a new job) and this one about seven ways to save on a trip to Japan.

Item 2: Hobbies or classes

Whether it’s violin lessons, art classes or continuing education, pretty much any hobby or class that you’re passionate about and spend money on to perfect your skills could actually help you out when it comes to your career, as well. Employers like to see that their employees are well-rounded individuals with an appetite for learning, so don’t assume that any extracurricular activities you take up have to include coding (although adding that to the list probably wouldn’t hurt, if you happen to work in the tech world).

Item 3: Experiences with friends

While it’s probably not necessary to splurge for every single dinner out or weekend away, it’s also important to say yes every now and again. After all, studies have shown that being around a best friend helps lower our stress levels and increases our sense of belonging and purpose. We don’t know about you, but those sound like two things we’d be willing to spend a couple extra bucks on.

Item 4: Maintenance

When we say maintenance, we mean that in the broadest sense possible. Maintenance means forking over for the better health insurance or the dental care or the vision plan. It means taking your car in for regular checkups and oil changes, and bringing your pet to the vet every now and again. Often in life you’ll be surprised at the important things that you can actually chose to spend less on (we’re talking about your health here, people!), but at the end of the day, paying a little more each month for something that helps you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy all year round is pretty much always worth betting on.

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