Debt Calculators

Debt can come in a variety of forms, but our calculators below can help you to figure out the best way you can begin paying it off. No matter whether you are looking at getting a personal loan or trying to pay off credit cards, our debt calculators may provide you the personalized information you need to make an informed decision.

Debt Relief Calculator

Figure out how much a debt relief loan can save you and when you can be debt free.

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Debt Repayment Calculator

Show how long it will take to pay off all your debt and show estimated monthly payments.

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Loan Payment Calculator

Easily calculate your monthly payments on a simple loan.

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Snowball vs. Avalanche Calculator

Find Out How Quickly You Can Pay Off Your Credit Card Balance.

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Pay Off Your Credit Card Faster

What will it take to pay off your current balance?

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Personal Loan Calculator

Calculate how much a personal loan will cost you monthly and overall.

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Debt Consolidation Calculator

Find Out How Quickly You Can Pay Your Debt With Our Consolidation Calculator.

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Know Your Debt

Do you really know how much you owe, or do you just wait until your monthly bills arrive and send some money where it's called for? Don't let your debt be the scary stranger on the other side of the room that you're afraid to look in the eye. In order to conquer your debt, you have to know it inside and out.

Start by adding up all your minimum monthly payments. That might feel like a punch in the gut, especially since the payments by themselves may not seem all that intimidating. Once you have a total in front of you, divide that number by your monthly income. The result is your debt ratio. Creditors usually do not give mortgage loans to people whose debt ratio is above 43 percent.

Another way you can calculate your debt ratio is on an annual basis, although you may want to leave your mortgage out if you use this method. Divide your yearly income by the total of all your debts. If you find that your debt ratio is more than 35 percent, it's a sign that you need to make some adjustments.