Debt Consolidation Calculator

Find Out How Quickly You Can Pay Your Debt With Our Consolidation Calculator.

This debt consolidation calculator compares the cost of all your current debts with consolidating them into one new loan to figure out how much you can save.

Simply enter all of the debts that will be consolidated, along with their total payment amounts. Once you have all your debts entered then click the “Calculate” button will populate your results.


Debt Settlement Savings


Credit Card


Personal Loan


Home Equity


Based on the information provided

Your Total Debt is

Debt Free in
Debt Not Covered
by MO Payment
Interest Monthly
Debt Covered /
Current Debt Situation$0N/A $10,000$0$1,100$30,000
Debt Settlement $3,750N/A $5,000$0$365$25,000
Credit Card to 0% APR$3,502N/A$10,000$0$1,100$15,000
All Debt to Personal Loan $2,86760-$0$539$30,000
Home Equity Loan $1,24260-$0$566$30,000
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