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3.73/5.0(Based on 4 Reviews )

Alliant Cashback Visa® Signature Card -Magnifymoney Review rating card
Rated 3.73/5 based on 4 customer reviews
$000.00 In stock
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Alliant Cashback Visa® Signature Card - by Rob G, Aug 30, 2017
1/ 5stars
I was very interested in this card. Called to get a simple question answered about how they charge interest. I was transferred 4x. No one could help and the last person was annoyed that I was transferred to her. She was only interested in finding out who sent the call to her. If you get this card, do not expect the customer service to be adequate.
Alliant Cashback Visa® Signature Card - by Bubba G, Oct 2, 2017
4.9/ 5stars
Signed up for this card and so far, exactly as advertised and no regrets whatsoever. Reward structure is simply the best one going. Can't really speak to the rates but that's not a factor in my evaluation since I pay in full.
Alliant Cashback Visa® Signature Card - by Reginald, Jun 18, 2018
4.8/ 5stars
This card is excellent. Exactly as advertised, 3% cashback for the first year, 2.5% cashback for each year after that. Redeeming the rewards is quick and easy. The annual fee is $59 which means if you are comparing it to a 2% cashback card without an annual fee, your break-even amount on 2.5% reward is $12,800 in purchases annually(assuming my math is correct). By that I mean, if you plan on charging less than $12,800 on this card annually, stick with a 2% cashback card with no annual fee.
Alliant Cashback Visa® Signature Card - by Bryan, Sep 14, 2018
4.8/ 5stars
Best card ive used! Cashback builds up quick! I send a lot for work and this does it! 3k a year cash back cant complain! Customer service is amazing

Alliant Cashback Visa® Signature Card

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