Paying Down Debt

Do you have too much credit card debt? Are you making only the minimum payment? 30 years could go by before the debt goes away. How can you break out of the debt trap?

You are here – which is a good first step. You will need discipline and determination. But at Magnify, we think there is one more critical step. You should make banks and finance companies compete for your debt. Trust us: they want it more than you do! By making them compete, you will reduce your interest rate, and take years off the time required to pay it back.

Which Option Is Right For Me?

Excellent Credit

A balance transfer is best for you! You won't find a lower rate, so transfer what you can. And if you need to, use a personal loan for the rest <find balance Transfer offers

Not convinced?

Learn more about Balance Transfers
(and why they’re not so scary!)

Good-Average Credit

Go with a personal loan. You can even find out your rate and maximum loan amount without hurting your credit!

find Personal Loan offers

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Learn more about Personal Loans
(and why we love them!)

Poor Credit

It is unlikely that banks and other lenders will compete for your debt until you improve your credit. There are options though and we can help. Do you have a question?