Our Review Process

Above all else, we prioritize publishing accurate, high-quality articles that answer your personal finance questions. Here’s how we make sure the content on our site is 100% accurate.

Our Editing and Fact-Checking Team

Every piece published on MagnifyMoney is first edited by one of our experienced managing and deputy editors. It is then copy edited and fact checked by one of our staff editors.

Chief Copy Editor

Anastasia leads a team of staff editors and freelance editors charged with editing and fact-checking hundreds of articles per month across various LendingTree-owned domains, including MagnifyMoney.


Prior to working at LendingTree, Anastasia spent six years at The New York Times, where she took on dual roles as copy editor and web editor for all major sections, including BizDay. She also worked as a breaking news homepage editor for Flipboard and NBC New York. She is a part of the board of directors for the Deadline Club, the largest chapter of SPJ. She is also a member of SPJ, ACES and the Society of American Business Editors and Writers.


Anastasia has an M.A. in journalism from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in Times Square. She was the recipient of the Reynolds National Center for Courts and Media scholarship. Anastasia also has a B.A. in Communications from Adelphi University, where she attended on a full scholarship and was a part of the Honors College, as well as managing editor of the school paper. She wrote her undergraduate thesis on the future of online media.

Copy Editor

Prior to joining LendingTree, Pearly worked at the copy and research desks at several, major publishing companies such as American Express Publishing, TIME Inc., Condé Nast and Hearst. She also has extensive experience working at digital media brands, such as Curbed, Eater, the Verge and Vox.

Pearly got her start in hyperlocal journalism, where she was a reporter for Time Out New York, Patch.com and The Huffington Post.


Pearly's formal education includes a B.A. in journalism and a B.A. in English studies from The Pennsylvania State University.

Xiomara Martinez-White
Xiomara Martinez-White
Copy Editor

Xiomara has nearly two decades of experience in journalism covering a multitude of subjects, beginning as a music writer as a college student in a column she had for all four years.

She held internships at InTouch Weekly and Metro before attending graduate school. As a graduate student, she also interned at Marie Claire, People.com, The Frisky and the International Herald Tribune, where she got her first true experience working in copy editing, as an assistant for the fashion department and its famed editor, Suzy Menkes.

She further honed her copy editing skills at The Week, and edited the book Raising A Beatle Baby: How John, Paul, George and Ringo Helped Us Come Together As A Family.

Prior to LendingTree, Martinez-White worked for BDG Media and its flagship publication Bustle.


Xiomara earned a B.A. in English Language & Literature at Smith College. She obtained an M.A. at the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism, concentrating in Arts and Cultural Journalism. She has also attended the University of Cape Town and CELSA Paris, the journalism and communications school of Sorbonne Université, as a visiting student.

Our Editorial Standards

While each article goes through at least two edits and a thorough fact-checking process, quality control starts with our writers. Before accepting their first assignment, every MagnifyMoney contributor must agree to our fact-checking and sourcing guide, which explains what we consider acceptable sources.

We never accept second-hand or aggregated information and require writers to find not only original sources but those with the best qualifications.

Here are some examples of what we consider good sources:

  • professors and academic researchers
  • real consumers sharing personal experiences
  • nonprofit, nonpartisan research groups
  • consumer advocacy groups
  • government data, studies and other resources
  • proven subject-matter experts
  • professional membership or trade organizations
  • the most recent information or data available

We avoid sources who may blog about a subject but have no proven expertise, organizations affiliated with political parties or sources primarily interested in plugging their brands or products. MagnifyMoney requires its writers to personally interview experts and instructs writers to avoid email interviews unless absolutely necessary.

MagnifyMoney also has a zero-tolerance plagiarism policy, and this includes self-plagiarism. Contributors must always submit original content, and contributors caught plagiarising are barred from contributing in the future.