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2.48/5.0(Based on 11 Reviews )

EOne Savings From Salem Five Direct -Magnifymoney Review rating card
Rated 2.48/5 based on 11 customer reviews
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EOne Savings From Salem Five Direct - by Joseph, Feb 2, 2017
1.7/ 5stars
Be careful, although a good rate, it is only for the specified time. Also be warned, there is a $3 fee for every ACH movement of money out of the account -- something I have never experienced before.
EOne Savings From Salem Five Direct - by EG, Jun 14, 2017
1.9/ 5stars
Great rate. At the time I joined it was the best, but the $3 fee for every transfer out is buried pretty deeply in the paperwork and is insanely high in this day and age.
EOne Savings From Salem Five Direct - by Nicole, Jul 19, 2017
3.8/ 5stars
Great rate with a guarantee for a year at the time I opened. Was easy to open the account online and move money in. Very helpful customer service. There is a $3 fee to push money out to another financial institution but if you initiate the transfer from the other bank, Salem Five doesn't charge a fee so no big deal.
EOne Savings From Salem Five Direct - by Richard, Dec 1, 2017
4.7/ 5stars
It took longer than normal to open a account with this bank but I liked the 1.50% rate. Glad I read the previous review. What's the deal about transfer from your other bank from Salem to avoid the $3 fee. I agree - no big deal. Customer service is excellent when you chat online!! Hope to see the rate doesn't lower and that it increases!
EOne Savings From Salem Five Direct - by Robert, Dec 10, 2017
2.6/ 5stars
I won't B moving any money from my online bank to here even though there is a .25% differance
EOne Savings From Salem Five Direct - by David Shih, Jan 6, 2018
1/ 5stars
I've been a Salem Five customer for over ten years, and it's still my primary bank. But I am now moving accounts elsewhere. They changed online banking providers in November, and the new website is terrible. It takes more clicks and scrolling to pay and confirm a single bill. Editing recurring payments is a hassle. Account notifications (e.g. " a transaction over $1000 has posted to your account") used to be instantaneous, but now take more than a day. Other banks are making their websites and mobile apps easier. Don't mix up your Salem Five Direct accounts with regular Salem Five accounts. If you're at a Salem Five branch, use an ATM to make deposits: if a teller interacts with your eOne account, they'll charge you $6.
EOne Savings From Salem Five Direct - by Kap, Feb 13, 2018
3.8/ 5stars
I've had a Salem Direct account for close to 5 years, I started the account with a 1.5% rate but it dropped for a couple years and then when back up. I had to contact them to have my rate increased once it went back up to 1.5%. I wouldn't rely on them for day to day banking, they can be difficult to deal with. Moving money out takes a few days and most other task are slower than other banks. If you're looking strictly for a higher rate they really can't be beat but don't expect much else.
EOne Savings From Salem Five Direct - by Steven, Jul 25, 2018
1.7/ 5stars
Savings account (eOne): they offer a great rate, but boy is it complicated to open an account online! You have to go through seemingly endless steps and verifications with different websites. Comparing to other accounts I have opened, I'm not sure it was worth the trouble.
EOne Savings From Salem Five Direct - by Sharyen, Aug 10, 2018
1/ 5stars
It was pure torture trying to open an account with this bank. After numerous times of getting locked out, phone calls to customer service, five days trying to get everything sent to them, I finally gave up! Look elsewhere...
EOne Savings From Salem Five Direct - by Penny, Oct 1, 2018
2.7/ 5stars
I opened an account here about two years ago for my father. Wow, how complicated can you make it. That said, they are paying one of the higher interest rates around and have been find for dealing with since then as the funds are mostly just sitting there.
EOne Savings From Salem Five Direct - by Andrew, Nov 5, 2018
3.3/ 5stars
I agree with the other reviewers that the start up process is time consuming and slow. However, once you have one account set up, adding a second savings account is a snap. Also, my rate was at 1.85% when I started this account but after several weeks they advertised a new rate of 2.05%. I contacted customer service over the discrepancy in the interest rates. They were very friendly and immediately adjusted my interest rate.

eOne Savings from Salem Five Direct

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