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1.77/5.0(Based on 3 Reviews )

MySavings Account From MySavingsDirect -Magnifymoney Review rating card
Rated 1.77/5 based on 3 customer reviews
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MySavings Account From MySavingsDirect - by Cory J, Jan 4, 2017
3/ 5stars
I entered this savings account when it had a hearty 1.15% APY. It promptly dropped to 1.00%, and is now sitting at 0.85% APY. While transfers in/out are fairly easy (normally next business day) and can be done online, the drop in interest rate (financial) has also dropped my interest (intellectual) in this savings account. I realize it was in the fine print that no one ever reads, therefore perfectly within their rights to change the interest rate at any time. But at the same time, I had high hopes it would stay competitive (1.00%+). It did not, which brings me back to the comparison websites to see if I can get a higher interest rate that may STAY high.
MySavings Account From MySavingsDirect - by Bill, Sep 13, 2018
1.5/ 5stars
Not happy that I have to leave my Dollar Savings Direct account and open an account with My Savings Direct to get a higher rate. Dollar Savings Direct and My Savings owned by the same company. Customers should not have to jump through these hoops to get a better rate from the same company. 45 basis points is a lot when you open an account at the maximum. You can bet if another company offers a competitive rate I will dump the My Savings account because of the hassle they caused me. Not happy with The Emigrant Bank! Not putting the customer first lowers what would have been 5 stars to 1 1/2 stars. ”
MySavings Account From MySavingsDirect - by David, Sep 26, 2018
1/ 5stars
I an searching for an online savings account. In the past, I used the parent company Emigrant Direct, who then lowered their I moved to their Dollar Savings (they even use the same fonts in their ads!)...who then lowered their rates . So I moved to my brink & mortar. Now...when I saw this teaser for My Direct I was quite amused. I will not open with them as I know their game.

MySavings Account from MySavingsDirect

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