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4.14/5.0(Based on 7 Reviews )

Online Savings Account From Ally Bank -Magnifymoney Review rating card
Rated 4.14/5 based on 7 customer reviews
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Online Savings Account From Ally Bank - by Carol, May 23, 2017
4.9/ 5stars
I have several accounts with Ally and have found them to be an excellent bank to work with in my opinion. I can call any time of the day or chat online if I have an issue to discuss. The mobile app is very easy to use and they confirm deposits with an email. Their Customer Service Reps are some of the best I have ever dealt with in any type of business. Highly recommend Ally Bank.
Online Savings Account From Ally Bank - by Richard, Dec 1, 2017
4.4/ 5stars
Love this bank! Very good customer service. Very professional. Rate is competitive. I opened a checking with them as well that ties together and you get a ATM card!! Many locations in Atlanta to use the card! You guys won my business!
Online Savings Account From Ally Bank - by Lanette, Jul 30, 2018
4.8/ 5stars
I have several savings accounts and a checking account with Ally. The website is WONDERFUL and so easy to navigate. I've set up bill pay, have transferred funds to my standard checking account with ease, used Ally checks, and even have an auto transfer set up to add money to my Ally savings account every month. Other online savings banks may have higher APR, but nothing beats the ease of service with Ally. I've recommended this site to many friends and family members because this site literally helped me save my down payment for my new home!!!
Online Savings Account From Ally Bank - by Robin T, Sep 18, 2018
4.7/ 5stars
Easy to navigate website, get money into and out of account, etc. Great interest rate, consistently one of the highest nationwide, although there may be others that offer a higher rate on a temporary basis. I've been a customer for a couple of years now.
Online Savings Account From Ally Bank - by Dale, Jan 23, 2019
5/ 5stars
Been with Ally bank for many years now and love it. Rate is competitive, professional, user friendly, and helpful tips. Recommend this online bank to anyone. For me, as having an smaller savings, it's helped me alot more than my credit union.
Online Savings Account From Ally Bank - by Joe, Jan 28, 2019
4.4/ 5stars
Very easy website to navigate. Competitive Rate but not the highest. However, of the 3 online banks that I use, Ally will posts my deposits and withdrawals faster then the other two.
Online Savings Account From Ally Bank - by Ryan, Feb 11, 2019
1/ 5stars
I can't recommend Ally, I have had multiple issues with debit card POS transactions not going through and then having my account locked when I have tried to take money out at an ATM, will be closing my account and moving my funds elsewhere.

Online Savings Account from Ally Bank

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