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3.96/5.0(Based on 7 Reviews )

Online Savings From Discover Bank -Magnifymoney Review rating card
Rated 3.96/5 based on 7 customer reviews
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Online Savings From Discover Bank - by Tim, Nov 18, 2016
1/ 5stars
Discover bank cheats its customers by not giving the bonus offers promised. Recently on opening and complying with all conditions for being eligible for a $100 bonus on savings account the commitment wasnt kept. Despite following up regularly and being confirmed of eligibility bonus never showed up in the account and ticket to resolve said would take upto 6 weeks - WOW! Looks like bank doesnt want to pay and keep its promise, so suggest to avoid. Rating - VERY VERY POOR
Online Savings From Discover Bank - by Garry, Dec 21, 2016
4.7/ 5stars
Not in the habit of writing reviews, but I wanted offer a slightly contradictory opinion to Tim. I had the good fortune to deposit into Discover Banking, and received my $100 bonus within 2 weeks. Unsure of the facts surrounding the failure to payout Tim's bonus, but I had no issues.
Online Savings From Discover Bank - by David, Mar 6, 2017
4.9/ 5stars
Easy to use with a good website and app. I signed up to get a $100 bonus and it came within a couple of weeks of my first deposit. Not the highest interest rate anymore but a good option if you can get a bonus to augment your return.
Online Savings From Discover Bank - by william, Jul 23, 2017
2.8/ 5stars
Effortless opening of account and bonus came in time frame promised, however many other banks have passed them by when it comes to yield. They don't seem to have any interest in remaining competitive to retain customers. I think they are counting on people not wanting to go through the effort to close and switch accounts for 20 basis points. If you do the math it adds up to a lot of money in their pockets instead of ours.
Online Savings From Discover Bank - by Pat, Aug 30, 2017
5/ 5stars
I have been banking with Discover Bank for many years and while the interest rate is not the most you can get now, it has been in the top third. It is easy to set-up transfer accounts and the transfers have always happened in a timely manner and seemlessly.
Online Savings From Discover Bank - by Bill F, Jul 24, 2018
4.6/ 5stars
I have used Discover for many years for online savings and checking account and debit card services. They are excellent in all ways and automatically increase savings rates without my calling and asking. Great customer service - - Couldn't be happier.
Online Savings From Discover Bank - by M shaw, Aug 16, 2018
5/ 5stars
Excellent service,easy,fdic insured,24/7,no fee,reliable,faster.

Online Savings from Discover Bank

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