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1.76/5.0(Based on 5 Reviews )

Savings Builder From CIT Bank -Magnifymoney Review rating card
Rated 1.76/5 based on 5 customer reviews
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Savings Builder From CIT Bank - by Shawn, Oct 31, 2018
1.8/ 5stars
Mobile app is dated and does nothing but show balance (no acct#, routing number, current int rate, etc. Website is frequently down to access account. Difficult to transfer $ out of account unless you use their PeoplePay. Interest rate does not rise with the markets like other accounts - I've had their money market account @1.85% for 5 months now. Rather than raise it they just created a new account type that offers 2.15%... just happened to see this today.
Savings Builder From CIT Bank - by Former CIT account holder, Jan 5, 2019
1/ 5stars
Don't be fooled by their rates! Once upon a time, I recommended CIT, but no more. In 2017, they quit giving the latest rate to existing accounts. Instead, they created a new product line and to get the new rate, you had to open a new account (a real pain if you link external banks). They did this over and over (High Yield, Spring High Yield, Premier High Yield, Money Market, Savings Builder). Now, it seems their "high rate" is good for about a month before it drops to less than 1%. There are MANY better choices than CIT.
Savings Builder From CIT Bank - by Lora, Jan 12, 2019
1/ 5stars
Tried to open up savings acct for 2.45%, and the bank had my computer in wait mode for hours. I tried calling and was on hold for over 20 minutes. What good is a great rate if you can't set up an account?? Not impressed!
Savings Builder From CIT Bank - by Joe, Jan 25, 2019
3.7/ 5stars
I had the money market account earning the 1.85% rate. To get the 2.45% rate had to switch over to the savings account online. The customer service area was very helpful transferring over the earned interest and closing the old account out. Took maybe 2 min and was very easy. So for so good with them. The only complaint is that it seems to take 7-8 days to see my deposits posted. But overall, I like them.
Savings Builder From CIT Bank - by D Snow, Feb 14, 2019
2.5/ 5stars
It can be difficult at times to transfer money to/from CIT Bank. CIT has a mobile app but it isn't very functional. For most transactions, you will be forwarded to the CIT Bank website.

Savings Builder from CIT Bank

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