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7 Best Apps for Splitting the Check, Group Trips and Other Purchases
We’ve all been there: The group decides to “evenly” split the dinner bill, and you’re stuck paying for someone else’s steak and margaritas even though you only had water and an appetizer. There are plenty of ways for you and your supper pals to send or request money using peer-to-peer ... Continue Reading
September 28, 2022
Best Money Saving Apps
Saving money isn’t always as simple as the oft-prescribed “put it away and don’t touch it” advice makes it seem. With financial concerns constantly tugging at our attention, it can be difficult to find the time and money to save for future goals, events or the unavoidable emergency. Luckily for ... Continue Reading
August 30, 2022
Survey: Vast Majority of Multilevel Marketing Participants Earn Less Than 70 Cents an Hour
Take a look at your Facebook or Instagram feed and you’ll easily find at least one friend or family member constantly posting about the makeup, oils, supplements and even sex toys they sell to make some extra cash working from home. Most of these products ... Continue Reading
September 17, 2018