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Holiday Debt Averaged $1,381 in 2020, Reaching a 6-Year High Amid Pandemic
The holiday season is a time for celebrating and exchanging gifts with loved ones — which can often mean swiping credit cards or taking on loans in the process. About a third (31%) of all consumers took on debt to pay for holiday expenses this year, according to a December ... Read More
December 28, 2020
How to Make a Budget in 5 Simple Steps
Creating a monthly budget can help you track your spending, save money and reach your financial goals. However, many Americans don’t budget their money, perhaps because the prospect of combing through bank statements and bill payments can seem daunting. It’s easier than you might think to learn how to make ... Read More
December 14, 2020
Medical Bill Debt Forgiveness: How to Reduce Your Hospital Bill
Health problems put a strain on your quality of life, and that stress can be amplified by unmanageable medical bills. In many cases, however, it’s possible to get hospital bills reduced so that at least some of that debt is forgiven. The best way to appeal for medical bill debt ... Read More
October 22, 2020