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There Are More Single Women Than Single Men in Nearly All 100 of the Largest U.S. Cities
They say two is better than one, which for some, means finding a partner might be a major life goal. But for now, being single — particularly being a single woman — is more common in the largest U.S. cities than the alternative. According to a MagnifyMoney analysis of the ... Continue Reading
July 26, 2021
Best Vacation Spots to Retire
Retirement should feel a bit like going on vacation forever, right? That’s why some retirees turn vacation homes into full-time dwellings to spend their golden years. Places in the U.S. primed for vacationers typically feature warm weather and leisure activities, but the homes here often run on the expensive side. ... Continue Reading
July 19, 2021
42% of Americans Who Lost Income During the Pandemic Say They’ll Retire Later Than Planned
The coronavirus crisis has forced many consumers to search for spare change amid a tidal wave of job losses, home office installations and emergency expenses. Early in the pandemic, MagnifyMoney found that 3 in 10 Americans had withdrawn money from their retirement. Despite light at the end of the pandemic ... Continue Reading
June 1, 2021