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Best Places for Working Women
Washington, D.C., sits atop the best places for working women for the fourth time in a row. MagnifyMoney researchers examined eight factors across the 50 largest U.S. metros relevant to women achieving financial and professional success. While some metros like D.C. maintained their positions, others like Riverside, Calif., have dropped. ... Continue Reading
March 21, 2022
Best Places for Remote Workers in Texas
Working from home can provide an opportunity to spend more time with family and create a more desirable work style. For those in Texas, it’s also an opportunity to cut out a daily average of almost 27 minutes of commute time while cashing in on the state’s income-tax-free system. Regardless, ... Continue Reading
April 27, 2021
Places With the Most Stay-At-Home Parents
The percentage of parents staying at home with their children amid the coronavirus crisis has risen 60% across all 50 states and the District of Columbia since 2019, according to the latest study from MagnifyMoney. And with this massive shift in daily life comes growing challenges for parents that they ... Continue Reading
March 22, 2021